Sunday, June 29, 2014

Where Have I Been? 2012 and 2013

So, dear readers, you may be wondering what I've been up to lately. Here's my answer, in just one photo!
Yes, she already loves books!
Thus, as you can imagine, my reading habits have changed. I've discovered a passion for reading nonfiction. Specifically, a passion for reading nonfiction about pregnancy, parenting, and other related topics.  What can I say, it's immediately relevant to my life at the moment!  I've also become much more comfortable reading on my phone and on the Kindle. Luckily, nonfiction lends itself well to the type of reading that I'm able to do these days, rife with interruptions as they are.
Speaking of interruptions, before another one strikes, let me leave you with a list of upcoming lists!
1. Books to Read While Preparing for Baby
2. Reading to Baby
3. Early Parenting: Sleeping, Nursing, Feeding
4. Bedtime Books
5. What To Do Now? Activities for Babies
6. Love, Love, Love 
7. It's Not All Serious: Funny Books for the Bathroom
8. Toddlebugs: Books That Explain the Basics 
9. Not That One Again!  Books My Baby Loves (and I can't stand)
10. ???
As you can see, I'm open to suggestions.  What lists would you like to see?

Mama Turkey Bird

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