Mrs. Turkey

So, who am I to post all of these lists? 

1.  I'm a bibliophile. I've always loved reading, and my husband tends to refer to my books as my "paper friends." 

2.  I've taught reading classes to folks of all ages, from age 4 on up to adults, for over 12 years now. No really.  Even more impressive?  I've taught these summer reading programs in over 16 different states.

3.  I love recommending books to folks and then watching them catch fire as they find new favorites. This blog is a chance for me to collect all of my many recommendations in one place so that I can easily refer folks to one source, rather than writing the lists again and again on whiteboards, paper napkins, and post-it notes!

So tell me, what's the last book you read that you liked?  :)