Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Modern Fairy Tales

1.  Jane Yolen: Briar Rose
2.  Pamela Dean: Tam Lin
3.  Robin McKinley: Deerskin
4.  Patricia C. Wrede: Snow White and Rose Red
6.  Jane Yolen: Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories
7.  Donna Jo Napoli: Beast
8.  Tanith Lee: White As Snow (Fairy Tale)
9.  Jane Yolen: Twelve Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Stories
10. Juliet Marillier: Daughter of the Forest

Focus for this list:
Retold, reimagined, updated, and new cloth, these are fairy stories for adults.  Enjoy!


  1. Interesting! Have you read all of these?

  2. Oh yes, read and re-read. They're wonderful! Well, some should come with warning labels, which is why I'm linking to the Amazon site where you can read summaries / editorials / reviews. ;)

  3. warning labels? Why? Caution, this stuff is highly addictive! Switch position while reading to avoid damage to arms and spine! Don't read in the dark, it may cause eye damage...I just imagine all the types of labels which might be necessary for a good book ;-)

  4. Well, here's the thing about fairy tales - they speak to our inner nightmares as well as our dreams.

    That said, I absolutely LOVE your list of possible warning labels needed for good books! :)