Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Websites

Focus for this list:
Well, we read online, don't we?! 

1. FreeRice Game
Not only is it a fun game, and mildly addictive, it's also a way of doing good in the world and helping get rice donated to the World Food Programme.

2. Basic Bento
Get inspiration for packing your lunch, without being overwhelmed!  This is functional bento at its best.  Also, if you read this post, you'll see she's doing something nifty for her blogiversary!

3. Charity Navigator
With all that's been going on, it's easy to feel that there's nothing we can do. This website helps you find charitites that use your money wisely and effectively.
Direct Relief International
Speaking of charities, I found this one on the Charity Navigator yesterday and was wildly impressed. The review from someone about how they helped during Hurricane Katrina was particularly influential in helping me decide where to donate.

4. Kiva
My sister got us all involved with this one -- it's a way to make microloans pretty much directly to someone who desperately needs the help and has a plan for repaying you.  What I love is that you are completely in control of choosing where your money goes.  It's almost as satisfying as giving in person. 

5. SparkPeople
So now let's talk about YOU. This totally free website has lots of cool tools and ways to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. It's also a really nice online community.  Enjoy!

6. SmartMoney
This is quite an informative blog, with real meat to their stories. Amazingly, it still remains a fun read. 

7. Slate, Salon, NPR, and sometimes The Daily Show
These are the answers to the question of where I get my news!

8. The Sharp Cookie, Fiori The Flower Studio, Hear on EarthStephane Lemaire Photography & Hire Times Success Coaching Group
What my friends do for fun. Check 'em out! 
PS: Sharp Cookie ships, and Stephane travels. Just sayin'.   

9. Wedding Bee
Why yes, I did just get married. Why do you ask? Ok, less sarcastically, their DIY boards are amazing. 

10. Car Talk
When the radio program just isn't enough, this site will have you giggling. Also, they do have really good car reviews and resources useful if you're looking for a new car.

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